Occupational Safety and Health
Occupational Health and safety Law No. 6331 date of issuance: 20.06.2012 in order to regulate the duties, powers and responsibilities of employers and employees in order to ensure occupational health and safety in the workplace and to improve the existing health and safety conditions. Object of this law is to regulate duties, authority, responsibility, rights and obligations of employers and workers in order to ensure occupational health and safety at workplaces and to improve existing health and safety conditions.

This law shall apply to all works and workplaces in both public and private sector, employers of these workplaces and their representatives, all workers including apprentices and interns regardless of their field of activity.

For a future that is sustainable and open to development, it is an integral part of our business to guide our employees on occupational health and safety issues in all departments during all our activities and to take measures related to occupational health and safety in our workplace.