Chairman of The Executive Board
Dear Friends,

Year 1976. It was the years when migration from the countryside to the cities increased, and the black and white picture was common. Distorted urbanization carried cities and urban culture to different dimensions. However, the building industry was very vibrant. It was much more important to have property in your hands than quality and service. Inflation was high and one could make a lot of money if he was brave. During these years, I was a student at Istanbul University. Social and political events divided our country into camps, and the unrest was in the line. I was working part-time in my spare time. I got to know the building industry on Thursday bazaar. Artisans would come from Anatolia to Istanbul and take their goods and return. Communication wasn't advanced enough. It was very difficult to find goods. Prices would increase almost up to 10-15% monthly.

Our country, which has a young and educated population, was a naturally developing country. It could grow even without the need for any managerial skills. What matters was the sustainable growth rate. Our growth had its ups and downs because systems were not fit. Achievements based on personal skills were not permanent. This was a populist approach and one that should not be preferred. We must strive for the systems to fit in our country with cooperation. All these rules also apply to our workplaces.

Year 1983. We opened our first business. It had been a long while. I would like to thank my family, colleagues, clients and all my friends in the industry who have not refrained their support and given me the financial and moral support I needed in this process.

Year 2007. It was almost like everything was starting again, the next generation was waiting to finish college and be thrown into life. Without getting away from the sector, we had to think more globally and succeed in integrating with World Trade. ASUSY Foreign Trade and Construction Company. it was founded with this vision. Our first contacts were with leading Italians in design, strong Chinese companies in production. Our tiles, which can be used in every living place, should be environmentally friendly, respectful of nature, easy to maintain and high quality. It had to be made with Italian technology, contain the best raw materials and made in the country where porcelain culture is the oldest. Our brand SAREMICA was set out with this pure mission.

In order not to compromise on quality and continuity, we decided not to bring any products without CE certificate. We also received the TSE certificate peculiar to our country. In order for all this to be sustainable, we have made serious agreements with our partners. We have not given up on sustainable continuity.

Our brand will continue to offer quality, confidence and comfort to all our individual customers with their mind at ease. We'll bring technology and designs from all over the world to you, and offer the our best services in your projects.

Years and years later, we will continue to go on our journey with our principles, synthesizing the past and the future.

May God grant us all health, peace and a successful future.

Ahmet SARI